FAQ's. Attendance to a factory

If a day I cannot attend the course that I have scored, what I can do?

If by any thing you have scored or a course has given you and that day you cannot attend, you will be able to send to somebody in your place.

To only you will have to give to the justification of reserve and payment him and he or she will be able to attend by you. Nevertheless, you will have it to us to let know sending an e-mail to us to gironacook@berdala.cat or calling us to 972 201 489 in schedule of Monday through Friday of 17h to 20h.

The money of the reserve will not be able to be changed the day of the course or to be phelp to one week of advance of the date of the course less than.

It is necessary that it takes something in the course?

In principle, if the course does not require it specifically, it is not necessary that you take nothing. There you will find all the utensils necessary to be able to work and the prescription dossier. You only must worry to you to listen to, to learn, to participate and to spend a good short while.

In each course you will find the necessary documentation and you will have prescriptions of everything in writing what you will prepare.

What happens if the course is cancelled where had aimed to me?

The formative demonstrations, courses or factories will be celebrated with a minimum of students. If the course does not have the predicted minimum of assistants or by some external cause it is had to cancel, we will warn to you.

GironaCOOK will notify by telephone or e-mail the cancellation to the affected ones with place reserve and, these, will be able to request their return, to attend a programmed course another day or to yield their place to another person.

I would like to point son or daughter at a Petit factory Chef. Also attend can I?

The Petit courses Chef are only and for kids young, whenever in the description of the course the opposite does not specify itself.

The objective is that smallest of the house, in an atmosphere stretched with companions of the same age, they learn what tools must use, participate, they communicate with the chef and they are amused with the kitchen to be able to contribute these knowledge later at home.

By reasons for equality with the rest of companions, the attendance of the parents will not be allowed. Nevertheless, it can have specific or thematic courses in which the attendance of a father or a mother with all the children will also be requested so that they can work together.