FAQ's. How to buy a course?

I want to score at a course or factory, as I can make the reserve?

If you want to enjoy a factory or course, you have three options to do it:

Payment in line (VISA/MASTERCARD): Through our Web you will be able to see the dates available for the course that you like more. Just by three steps you will be able to realise the reserve in line doing the payment with VISA or MASTERCARD.

Banking transference: Stuffed east form or sends an e-mail to gironacook@berdala.cat explaining to us in what course and the date to us in which you are interesado/a. We will respond to you as rapidly as possible and we will explain to you what you must make to formalize the reserve.

I want to make the gift of a course, as I can do it?

If you want to give a course or factory you have two ways to do it:

1. You can reserve an open course (dateless anticipated nor type of course) s through icon “Gives a course or factory? that there is in the main page of CookinGallergyFree (www.cookingallergyfree.com). It selects to the icon, stuffed the data and realises the payment directly online.

2. You can give a course already programmed in our calendar. It sees “Factories of Kitchen? and selects the course that you like more. In its page you will find the date, the price, the agenda and the bellboys TO BUY or TO GIVE to make the reserve and the payment directly online.

In both cases you will receive, by email electronic a card gift to be able to give the person that you want.

Gift will not be given back to the amount of a bond, but the person who receives it, if by any thing cannot attend, will be able to make come to somebody in its place.

A bond has given me gift, what I must do for becanviar-lo and come to the course?

If a targeta gift dateless nor course have given you:

- You can reserve the course and the date that you choose through icon “You have a targeta gift? that you will find in the main page of CookinGallergyFree (www.cookingallergyfree.com). It introduces the code that you will find in the targeta gift and you will be able to choose between all the programmed courses of our calendar.

If a targeta gift with place for a course has given you in particular:

- You only must present the day and the hour to you of the course in our facilities of the Perill Street, 4 of Girona. Only bringing the targeta gift already you will be able to enjoy the session.

Ten in account that once chosen and reserved to the course with a bond gift, this one will not be able to be changed. The bonds gift have a lapsing of 6 months from the day of the purchase and can be used by the person who receives them or by that lo/la replaces.

What happens when it has realised the reserve of a course?

When your purchase in line has finalized, you will receive an e-mail confirming the reserve of the course. It prints this received information and has been it to the day and hour of the course that you have chosen.

For the attendance of the course it is essential that you bring this voucher of reserve and payment.

In case of not receiving this by email electronic notification in touch ponte with us by means of this one form or calling to the 972201489.