Our classroom is located commercial zone in the heat of, closely together of the market of Leon, the historical old quarters and of the city.

This course is destined to touroperadores or groups of tourists with cooking and cultural restlessness. It has by objective offering a gastronomical activity in privileged surroundings, cooking with a private chef and using ingredients and foods of our territory.

The experience includes initially a visit to the market of León de Girona to go to buy necessary fresh products, the accomplishment of prescriptions in the classroom and laposterior tastes of cooked plates.


The duration of showcooking will be of some three hour and a half approximately.

The chef will teach to elaborate to the students the following thing (it can vary according to season ingredients):

- Appetizers varied according to season (bread with Catalan tomato and inlays, esqueixada, anxoves of l'Escala, etc).
- Tortilla of potato and onion.
- “Arrós to the cassola?, “arrós sea i muntanya? or Mediterranean paella.
- Crema catalana.


Products of our territory will be always used, of the Alt and Baix Empordà and fresh products of the market.

They will be explained where to secure some ingredients easily, the utensils necessary will be taught to cook everything and the essential cooking secrets correctly so that the plate leaves more than exquisite.

During the session the students will taste the plates that are elaborating.


The prices of the gastronomical experience in our classroom, with deprived chef, you would dependeran of the number of people, with a maximum of 15.

Group from 8 people: 65 €/persona

Groups inferiors: price to consult

Possibility of organizing other customized programs and variable prices according to demand of the group or the organizers.

Showcooking includes:

- The utensils and the ingredients so that all the predicted prescriptions can be elaborated.
- An apron one-time by each one of the students during the session.
- The prescriptions in writing of realised plates.
- Wine of warehouses of the zone and mineral water during the tasting.

Other data:

- Showcooking of Mediterranean kitchen can be done to Catalan, Castilian and English convenience in.


15 people

Duration of the course

3 hour and a half approximately

To share

There are dates no available for this course.

It beats here, if you are interested in this course.

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