The Thailander kitchen mixture five fundamental flavors: the candy, the sharp one, the bitter one, bitter and the salty one. These flavors and scents mainly obtain with the condiments and the sauces, that mix with the fish and the meats, as the chicken or the pig.

Although the main and basic ingredient in the Thailander kitchen is the rice, that can eat in the form of soup, fried or simply cooked white, also there are other common ingredients as they are the sharp peppers, garlic, the noodles, the lemon and coconut milk.

In this factory we will learn to cook with some typical ingredients, we will realise three Thailander prescriptions and we will learn to season and to emplatar realised plates.

If you already like the Japanese kitchen, perhaps now the Thailander kitchen is excited! Reserve already your place and discovers the secrets, flavors and scents of the authentic “Thai kitchen?.

The course includes prescriptions in writing and the tasting of plates done in the classroom.

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12 people



Duration of the course

2 hours

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