Excited the Japanese is kitchen? You have good desire to prove finally some makis, uramakis or niguiris without leaving your house? You want to know all the secrets at the time of cooking the rice and learning how to cut the ingredients correctly?

From Gironacook we put it to you easy! We offer a factory totally to you practitioner and educative of Japanese kitchen, where, in addition to learning and working with the best ingredients, you will know the secrets the Japanese kitchen.

During the first part of the factory we will learn the most theoretical part, the ingredients to use, we will concentrate coverall in the baking of the rice and its special seasoning and the utensils original and practical to use so that everything leaves perfect.

In the second part, the work begins! Of the hand of xef, you yourself /a you will have to make makis, uramakis, niguiris, etc. and in addition we will teach the new features to you in gadgets of Japanese kitchen so that your creations are unique.

It enjoys a course for the great lovers of the Japanese kitchen to the maximum!

The factory includes prescriptions in writing and to tuper so that you can be taken and be tasted in your own house everything what you have done.

If you want to see photographs of previous factories clica here.


12 people



Duration of the course

2 hours

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