If you like to experiment with the kitchens of the world, now you have the opportunity to discover one of most flavorful, the Mexican. At the moment, one is between one of five more prestigious of the world, along with the French, the Italian, Chinese and the Japanese.

To organize meals or full dinners of color, glad and flavorful; this it is the objective of this factory: to discover the ingredients and products of Central American origin that you can introduce them in your feeding and enjoy in your house of one the international kitchens that more passion raises.

We will learn to prepare as delicious plates as the sharp sauce and the “pico de gallo?, guacamole, the “fried kidney beans?, the mass, the Mexican roast, the “toasts? and the well-known “swearwords?. Also we will discover different sauces, antojitos, pipián, vegetables, meats and drinks, where in addition to baking techniques we will also explain a little history of the Mexican kitchen and its origin.

It always surprises with new prescriptions and it enjoys two hours that you will want to repeat. Walk to him!
During the factory, of 2 hours of duration, 3 prescriptions will become and, all together ones, we will taste convenience food during the session.

NOTE: This course program periodically and always with different prescriptions, according to the season. If you come, you like and you are wanted to aim at the following one, we will give a promotional code to you of a -10% so that the next one leaves to you economic.

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12 people



Duration of the course

2 hours

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