If quereis that your children participate in one of our factories, learns and soon they prove everything what they have done, you come and we organized the private factory to you only for you. (minimum group of 10 children or children among 6 to 12 years and 30 price of €/alumno)

The pastry shop or the homemade bread or grazes fresh are some of the best factories to discover this new cooking experience between small lovers of the kitchen.

Some hours full of diversion and gastronomical learning with xef, that will be to its disposition so they need.

It remembers that also podeis to organize a factory PETIT deprived CHEF to celebrate any event, a birthday or a celebration in family.

We, you and the chef only must put to us in agreement with the day.

We hoped to you!

For more information or reserves you call to the 972201489 (in commercial schedule) or:




12 people

Duration of the course

2 hours

To share

There are dates no available for this course.

It beats here, if you are interested in this course.

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