Theoretical-practical course where the principles of a healthful feeding and fundamental lifestyle will be exposed, pillars for the prevention and the overcoming of the majority of the diseases. We will combine the Eastern wisdom therapeutic with the natural medicine of our country, as well as knowledge on dietetic and nutrition, to elaborate several homemade remedies and natural treatments.

A basic recipe book of therapeutic kitchen for diverse pathologies, in which the main medicinal foods will be used, as the marine, rich seaweed in minerals, the vegetal fermented ones will occur to the assistants that contribute the probiotic bacteria to us, as miso, tamari, the medicinal plum umeboshi or the sauerkraut and the Picles.

We will center the course, mainly, in the importance of the care of our intestinal health, how taking a diet with a low glycemic index, anti-inflammatory and alcalinizante.

With anticipated prescriptions, we will use condiments and spices with an ample potential and use in the therapeutic kitchen; as turmeric, ginger and tekka. Also we will use mushrooms, as shiitake and roots as the Kuzu and the root of Lotus. We will see in what especially recommendable cases are east type of foods and with what amounts, frequency and with what combinations would be due to use in our diet.

As always, in the end we will taste plates made during the course and will solve all the doubts.

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12 people



Duration of the course

2 hours

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