What difficult to find a bread that satisfies us at the time of eating, which he is sufficiently natural, with the suitable texture and flours and ingredients apt for each of us. It is therefore, that more and more people want to learn to make their own bread at home and to enjoy a natural food 100%, and simultaneously, to be able to value the quality of which normally it is bought.

We will learn a to make the bread of one practical way, which are his basic ingredients, its properties and the techniques stop to knead and to give them  it forms.
Step by step one will work for the correct one elaboration i to be useful to the maximum qualities of ingredients.
We will do different types of breads basic, simple and flavorful in order to do directly at home with necessary ingredients and we will teach to you the utensils adapted it stops to do them

Prescriptions realised in previous courses:

- Classic bread without mass mother

- Bread of toots

- Round rolls of butter

- Bread Taftoon

- Etc.

The factory includes prescriptions in writing and you will be able to be taken to house everything what you have done during the course.

If you want to see photographs of previous factories clica here.



12 people



Duration of the course

2 hours

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