Previously the cooks, to obtain the creamy tact of one mousse added a great amount of greasy animal in a prescription. But from year 1994, cook Ferran Adrià had the idea to use the air under pressure to make all type of foam and other preparations. Thus the same cremosidad of always but without adding other external ingredients was obtained that could modify or hide the natural flavor of foods.

This factory then, is destined to people who want to give a step forward and to learn new creations with a as useful utensil as it is the kitchen siphon; special to mount cream, to bind sauces or to make all type of foam and cold creams or I warm up.

Whether or you have this utensil in your kitchen, as if you have desire to buy it but you would like to know how to remove the maximum benefit to him, you cannot be lost this special thematic factory that there are preparation.

During the course, different prescriptions (incoming, aperitive, last, etc.) will become and the chef will teach the bases to know how to use the siphon well, will explain which is its maintenance, the accessories, etc, but mainly, also the techniques good presentations stop to do some.

During the course the tasting will become of convenience food and also you will have prescriptions in writing when finishing the session so that you only must worry to you to learn and to pass it well!

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