The Peruvian kitchen is everything a mestization, fruit of the influences of different towns, as of Japan, China, etc, and their prescriptions have evolved through history thanks to the mixture of these different cultures, that they have characterized the history of Peru.

They see this course and you will know prescriptions and flavors four continents in an only country. It discovers the great variety of traditional plates in constant evolution and the different techniques for the preparation from Peruvian prescriptions of great international fame.

We will prepare some cocktail with turkey, we will make crude and marinated elaborations, dishes of marinated raw fish or tiraditos. Also we will amuse ourselves making some “Peruvian piqueo?, with sauces with “red peppers? and of different tubercles. We will prove some “anticucho?, “tamalito? or “sanguche? and some food done to the wok.

During the factory, of 2 hours of duration, 3 prescriptions will become and, all together ones, we will taste convenience food during the session.

NOTE: This course program periodically and always with different prescriptions, according to the season. If you come, you like and you are wanted to aim at the following one, we will give a promotional code to you of a -10% so that the next one leaves to you economic.

If you want to see photographies of previous factories beat here.


12 people



Duration of the course

2 hours

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