The tendency ‘foodie’ of the season

The Poke Bowl is a plate of spirit and Hawaiian tradition that, added to a little Japanese inspiration and other Asian countries, has become the tendency foodie of the moment.

One uses in a bowl and it constitutes a superfood cocktail with many nutritional benefits. The combination of these different “superfoods? turns it into a very complete to the traditional fat meals, low alternative, rich in Omega 3 and with proteins of high biological value.

An abundant salad, colored, that popularized the surfers of the Pacific. It contains, generally a base of rice, brown rice or cereals, in which the main ingredient is added to him, the crude or marinated fish, that in its majority usually is tuna or salmon.

All this, accompanied, to the taste, of superfoods as the avocado, the seaweed, the seeds, the cabbage Kale, tofu, etc, and, finally, everything decorated to secure a fresh air, colorful prescription, heals and light.

Also, also there are options veganas and vegetarians, in whom the fish can be replaced by other foods as tofu, the avocado, the dices of cooked sweet potato, etc.

It admits so many versions and combinations of different foods that it always allows to find the Poke perfect Bowl for each.

If you want to find your particular POKE BOWL, you cannot be lost this course!

During the factory, of 2 hours of duration, 3 prescriptions will become and, all together ones, we will taste convenience food during the session.

NOTE: This course program periodically and always with different prescriptions, according to the season. If you come, you like and you are wanted to aim at the following one, we will give a promotional code to you of a -10% so that the next one leaves to you economic.

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Duration of the course

2 hours

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