Excited is the rice? Caldoso, dry or creamy…, the rice is that one ingredient that causes that your food is complete, heals and very flavorful.

In this factory of kitchen we are going to prepare three prescriptions with this ingredient, indispensable in our Mediterranean diet. If you want to know how tricks to do a good one correctly to sauté, the order of foods and to learn to make three types of rice of the hand of a specialized chef, you cannot be lost this course!

There are thousand ways to do it, but you want to know the secrets of its baking? Do you never have left the grain in the exact point that you want? Like to find would you that intense flavor in your prescription and to try to do others of new? In two hours, we will make three types of rice, one of caldoso type, one dry and one creamy one so that you learn all the techniques and to stay as an authentic chef in your own house.

During the course the tasting will become of convenience food and also you will have prescriptions in writing when finishing the session, so that you only must worry to you to learn, to cook and to pass it well!

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12 people



Duration of the course

2 hours

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