FINGERFOODS - creative aperitives for guests

According to his name it indicates “Fingerfood? is simply a mouthful that can eat with the hand. They are possible to be served as a previous step to the food, replacing the entrant within a menu or to be a complete food, with fingerfoods cold, I also warm up and sweet.

These aperitives, that in addition to best must be showy and attractive in view, they are complemented with a presentation practical and funny so that your guests do not stop being surprised and to become lean the fingers.

In this factory it will be learned of best form practical to prepare and to present fingerfoods for a reception, a celebration, etc, but also to create funny entrants with the family and/or the friendly.

In each factory different types will become from fingerfoods, following the season. The number of aperitives of each course will be variable based on required time for the preparation.

During the course the tasting will become of convenience food and a glass of wine (gentility of Empordàlia or water is included. Also you will have prescriptions in writing when finishing the session so that you only must worry to you to learn and to pass it well!

If you want to see photographs of previous factories here clica.

Prescriptions done in previous factories:

- Lollipops of reggiano parmigiano and olives or sesame
- Tartalette of Roquefort, pears and nuts
- Tostaditas with butifarra black and fried eggs of quail
- Rissoto of season mushrooms
- Yakitori of chicken
- Mini spirals of puff pastry
- Mini brownie of parmesan and white chocolate
- Buffet of tarrinas of foie
- Skewers of asparagus to the steam with cheese sauce and hazelnuts
- “Stuffed bowl au vent? of tossed around of mushrooms of season and small onion
- Tartalette of pumpkin, ceps and chestnuts
- “Bowl au vent? of meat of duck with cebollitas of subject of gossip
- Lollipops of reggiano parmigiano and confitados tomatos
- Tostaditas of sobrasada with fried eggs of quail and honey of chestnut tree
- Stuffed integral Ravioli of potato and pumpkin with grenade and asparagus
- Mini brownie of chocolate and nuts
- Chocolate thimbles with cream of sweet potato to the live coal, jam of chestnuts and grenade


12 people



Duration of the course

2 hours

To share

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