Each station of the year has some characteristic energetics and some different nutritional needs for our organism. It is for this reason, that there is to cook and to feed themselves with natural ingredients and on season that contribute to us what every time needs the body the year.

In the different factories from HEALTHY and NATURAL kitchen, that we programmed periodically, we will make prescriptions different according to the station from the year in which we were; with natural foods, ecological ingredients and of proximity and we will see how it affects all this to our organism.

Technical note

Autumn, the natural sweetness - When the autumn arrives is necessary to prepare the body for the coldest stations. It is necessary to know that there are natural and technical foods of kitchen that contributes the sweetness of NATURAL way in our body, without sugars refinings, neither artificial sweeteners nor other ingredients that affect of negative way the good operation of our organism.

Purification post-celebrations: Spent the time of excesses it is necessary to make a conscious and well-balanced purification of the organism. It is for this reason, that the months of January and February prescriptions that help the purification of the nourishing excesses of reasonable form and sensible and without no nutritional or affective deficiency are made.

When the spring begins, it desires to begin to take care of the body for the summer. The factory of macrobiotic kitchen, heals and natural it proposes exquisite prescriptions and simple plates for that want to lower those kilitos that do not interest but, always, giving to the body all the nutrients and within a margin of balance to also avoid affective deficiencies related to the feeding.

Energy, force and vitality: during vacation we take a relaxed rate much more and our feeding and the routine less are balanced. At this time, we will see what cooking technical foods and what make us feel MORE FORTS and they help us to purify the possible excesses of the summer.

As always, in the end we will taste plates made during the session and will solve all the doubts.


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