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- If you use this website means that you are in agreement with the terms of this Policy of privacy.





- The payment and reserves of any course can take place through our Web, with credit card.

- When the 100% of the amount of the course are phelp becomes serious the reserve directly.

- If a student cannot attend the course, the reserve cannot be cancelled nor will give back the amount of the same. Although in her place another person can come to sustituirlo/la with the payment defense of the reserve.

- It is essential to attend the course with supporting of the confirmation of received reserve and the voucher of payment.



- The formative demonstrations, courses or factories would be celebrated with a minimum of students. If the course does not have the predicted minimum of assistants we reserved the right to cancel the course. The cancellation will be notified to the affected ones with place reserve and, these, will be able to attend a course programmed for another day.

- The attendance to the minors of 18 years is not allowed to the courses, factories or demonstrations of spirits.

- Referring to the Petit courses Chef, CookinGallergyFree reserves to the right of admission by the behavior and responsibility of the students during the activities.

- The schedule is the fixed one for each course and it is recommended to arrive at the premises some minutes before the hour programmed for the activity.

- The price of the courses is the one that appears in the Web, except typesetter errors.

- The programs of the courses will be able to have small variations based on the professors, foods available of season and/or by the possible unforeseen expenses.



- The person who wants to give a course or factory has two ways to do it. It can reserve the date and the course through icon “Gives a course or factory? that it is in the main page of CookinGallergyFree (www.cookingallergyfree.com). 

- Gift will never be given back to the amount of a bond.



- The person who receives a bond gift has two ways to change-the. It can reserve the date and the course through icon “You have a bond gift? that there is in the main page of CookinGallergyFree (www.cookingallergyfree.com).

- Once chosen reserved i the course with a bond gift, this will not be able to be changed.

- The bonds gift have a lapsing of 6 months from the day of the purchase and can be used by the person who has received them or by that lo/la replaces.



- With the purchase online and according to effective norm, the client accepts the general and particular conditions that appear in this document.

- When the purchase has finalized, the user will receive an e-mail confirming the reserve of the course. In case of not receiving this notification put yourself in touch with us.

- For any doubt, at the time of making the reserve, put yourself in touch with CookinGallergyFree by means of this form or calling to 972 201 489 in schedule of 17h to 20h.